Thursday, 9 April 2015

EU Legislation – Conflict Minerals

Draft amendments were made to the EU legislation proposals last week and are due to be voted on early next week around the 13th-14th April. The amendments laid out by the European Commission include:
  • Still want a list of 'responsible' smelters and refiners but want to add provisions for recycled materials as they have already gone through a life cycle process
  • Want to add a list of responsible importers, as well as smelters and refiners
  • Commission to draw up the list of responsible importers
  • A 2 year transitional period wanted to allow the European Commission to set up a third part audit system
  • Any existing industry schemes which can be recognised as equivalent to the new requirements will still be allowed
  • The information on responsible refiners and smelters will be updated and published regularly, including being made available on the internet
Hopefully these proposals will be undertaken and the legislation will pass through quickly. Having a self certification system and a list of responsible smelters and refiners will help all of us who deal with Conflict Minerals.

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