Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Samsung acquire new companies

Samsung have been buying companies like they are properties on a Monopoly board! First they took over Simpress a print company in Brazil, this was followed by the battery side of the company, Samsung SDI, purchasing Magna International. Taking over Magna's battery pack division based in Austria, they took over all staff, buildings and current contracts too. As part of the launch of the Galaxy S6, LoopPay was purchased, a start up offering mobile payment. Now the latest acquisition is Yesco Electronics, a company based in Utah. Yesco are manufacturer's of LEDs, including digital billboards and message signs.

Galaxy S6
All of these companies are very much unrelated but it easy to see for what purpose Samsung has bought them all for. Samsung have so many different sides to their business, offering everything from Smartphones, TVs and washing machines to semiconductors and even an engineering and construction arm. With fingers in so many pies, it makes sense that Samsung would want to take control of companies they have previously outsourced to. All of these acquisitions have taken place for an 'undisclosed amount' but they will have cost Samsung a pretty penny overall.

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