Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Top 10 Semiconductor Consumers

Samsung and Apple remain the top semiconductor customers throughout 2014. The tech giants used 57.9 billion components between them and took almost 20% of the market share, as this info from Gartner shows. These two companies really are the big hitters when it comes to new technology so it is no real surprise that they are the top consumers of semiconductors. The race between them to create the most popular smartphone, as well as all the other gadgets and computers both manufacture, it is easy to see why they needed such a large amount!

The other companies are all big names in the tech industry and all create a vast array of electronic products. They remain relatively unchanged from their consumption last year, just some slight shifting with the Chinese company Huawei going from 9th to 7th and Toshiba dropping from 8th to 10th

The large amount of semiconductors just the top 10 companies are using is really good news for all of us in the semiconductor industry. As new technologies keep being made and the Internet of Things keeps expanding, the future looks good for semiconductor companies throughout the supply chain.

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