Monday, 3 November 2014

Rise in sales puts semiconductor industry at ease

The last few weeks have been interesting in terms of semiconductor sales after Microchip's CEO made the dire announcement that the industry may be facing a downturn, when their sales were lower than expected. It was seeming like he was correct in his predictions with other semiconductor company's stocks falling as a result. However, as these other companies now release their Q3 results, the story may not be quite as bad as we were all fearing; Most are reporting increases in sales and revenue, both from Q2 and year on year:

Texas Instruments: $3, 501, 000 revenue, up 6.4% compared to Q2

NXP: $1, 515, 000 revenue in Q3 – 12% up on Q2 and 21% up year on year

Freescale: $1.21 billion revenue – 2% up on Q2 and 12% up year on year

Intel: $14.6 billion in Q3 up 8% year on year and beat their own estimates by $0.1 billion

Lattice: $9.41 million net income, up 2.6% year on year, but slightly down on what company told investors

Looking at these results the outlook may not be that terrible after all. Of course it is difficult to base the whole industry on one company's performance but the surety of Microchip CEO Steve Sanghi made everyone question the future of the semiconductor industry. Hopefully, he made a mistake and the poor results of one company shouldn't have too much impact on the rest of the semiconductor industry.

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