Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Wearable technology you will actually want...

You wouldn't expect to see Intel at New York Fashion Week or Diane von Furstenberg collaborating with Google but that is exactly where the component industry is heading – Two previously unrelated worlds are merging and collaborating as the trend for wearable technologies hots up.

Component and technological industries have been aware for a long while that smartphones and smart watches are responsible for the recent rise in sales but the next step is making wearables that people actually want to wear – that look great and perform amazingly.

Luckily, Intel have seen the light and are not only creating something other than a sports watch but have realised that to make wearable tech actually wearable they need to work with designers. By teaming up with several leading fashion designers including fashion powerhouse Ralph Lauren and design team Opening Ceremony, Intel have planted themselves firmly at the forefront of wearable tech:

A gorgeous bracelet made with semi precious stones and a 1.6 inch sapphire touch screen. They are keeping pretty schtum about what it will actually do until the official launch in October but it is thought it will link with your smartphone to alert when receiving texts, emails etc.

These Tshirts were developed for the US Open 2014 and feature sensors knitted into the shirt which report biometric information such as the wearer's stress levels and respiration to a smartphone app. There’s also a built-in “black box” with an embedded accelerometer, gyroscope and Bluetooth chip for sending the data straight to your smartphone. Ralph Lauren even designed an app for reviewing your performance mid-game.

While yes it is another smartwatch, at least this is one that you can be worn to the office and the bar and anywhere else for that matter! you know it's going to look good– and do so much: it syncs with your smartphone to alert you of emails, texts, the weather and of course tell you the time!

All of these advances in wearable tech are great news for the semiconductor industry as they will keep the sales going in the right direction! Keep up to date with all the latest news about the industry by following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook! And don't forget to use Cyclops when you need rapid sourcing and supply of electronic components.


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