Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Wearable Technology – More than just fashion accessories?

With the advent of smaller and smaller wireless power receivers, components and chargers the possibilities for the application of this technology is endless. An exciting way these small devices are being used is in wearable technology, where technology of varying types is used within an item of clothing or accessories. Perhaps the most widely publicised is the ubiquitous Google Glass but what else can be done and how can the technology and the aesthetic work together to create an amazing looking item that also works exceptionally well?

Integrated Device Technology has released its smallest ever 2W wireless power receiver and battery charger, which it describes as: delivering leading technology in a compact package ideal for small form factors, including wearable applications.” The IDTP9026 has a 12C interface for programming, charging voltage, termination current and the thermal control loop. It is a single chip solution which has managed to reduce overall area while still keeping all components and a high performance.

This small device, along with many others like it will enable wireless technology to develop in ways we never thought possible. Right now, most of the wearable technology comes in the form of extensions to our smartphones in the form of watches (Samsung Gear) and glasses (Google Glass) but the development of smaller, more powerful devices, and crucially chargers, could open the way for many other types of technology. From light reactive dresses to chronic disease management and everything in between, small components have the power to change the world and how we view it.

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