Thursday, 26 September 2013

Your Opinion Counts, Read The Results From The Cyclops Electronics Service Evaluation

I am pleased to announce the results of the recent Cyclops Service Evaluation.

The survey was conducted by selecting 330 company contacts at random from the last 12 months.

Thank you very much to everyone who took part, your feedback is really important to us. These results will help us to develop and improve our services in the future in order to serve you better.

And Here Are The Results...

"Answering Enquires" and "Communicating Effectively and Regularly" were rated as our top performing qualities with 91.7% of customers rating us as excellent or very good.

97% of customers said that they would contact Cyclops again when requiring an independent electronic component distributor.

"On Time Delivery" was seen as the most important quality that customers look for when buying from a distributor. 91.1% of customers rated our delivery as excellent or very good.

The main fears or frustrations when buying from an independent distributor were receiving counterfeit parts or not having the traceability back to the manufacturer.

The part search database was the most frequently used resource on the website with 23.5% of customers using this often or sometimes.

LinkedIn is the most used social media platform with 32.4% of customers using this to connect with other professionals or source information.

We Are Developing Our Services Too!

Over the coming months we will be developing our service offerings using the results from our recent service evaluation. We have already redefined and developed our key service features.

View our NEW 7 Great Reasons to choose Cyclops Electronics as your independent electronic stocking distributor.

If you have any comments or feedback from our recent service evaluation, please get in touch or leave any comments in the box below.

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