Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Cyclops Gains Another Year of ERAI Membership

Here at Cyclops we believe in putting something back into the industry, that's why we have gained yet another year of ERAI membership. We renew our membership at the ERAI every year and have been members since 1997.

The ERAI are a privately held information services organisation who monitor, investigate and report on issues affecting the global semiconductor supply chain. At Cyclops we feel it is important to keep our membership up to date to ensure that we maintain our customers' trust.

ERAI's services enable companies to perform industry specific risk mitigation on suspect counterfeit, high-risk and non-conforming parts and also on problematic vendors and customers.

As an electronic component distributor, we understand the risks counterfeit parts pose, this is why we launched our Combat Counterfeit Electronic Components Campaign. We also offer our popular FREE 8 Step Guide To Buying Electronic Components With Confidence And Avoiding Counterfeits.

We have also developed a unique set of procedures and techniques for the authentication of electronic components, to find out more about this process, please visit our website or view our Anti-Counterfeiting, Inspection and Testing Procedures video below. 

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