Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Electronics Industry to Receive a €4.8 Billion Boost

The Electronics industry is set to get a €4.8 billion investment for research and innovation from the European Commission's Research and Development plans for 2014 – 2020. The funding will help boost components, system design and manufacturing capabilities.

The Commission announced a joint technology initiative for Europe's electronics sector,  Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership (ECSEL). The ECSEL will get an EU contribution of up to €1.2 billion which will be matched by contributions from Member States, industry partners will also be putting in around €2.4 billion.

This funding highlights the importance of the electronics industry itself and also the sectors it helps. Neelie Kroes the EU Vice President sates that “electronics supports and enables a huge value chain, reaching across the economy”. Cars, planes, trains, medical and health equipment, home appliances, energy networks and security systems, will all benefit from the funding. It will help improve European capabilities and capacity to design and manufacture state of the art electronic components and systems.

The initiative aims to tackle issues such as the EU's decline in global share of the electronic components and system area, maintaining Europe's leadership in areas such as embedded systems, semiconductor equipment and materials supply and to also try and increase energy efficiency and improve security.

EMS provider Daniel Josefsson, part of the Cyclops Group, have helped manufacture prototypes and bring them to market for industries such as; Aerospace and Defence, Fire and Safety, Medical and Automotive.

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