Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Do Your Components Meet Your Needs?

In a recent article on EBN, Ken Bradley, President of Lytica Inc, discusses how to ensure that a component will meet standards, perform as expected and be in supply when you need it.

Bradley lists the major three elements as being:
  • Certifications that the supplier and its products are in compliance with regulations and standards
  • Confirmation that the supplier's product will perform consistently so that your own product certifications remain valid
  • Assurance that the supplier's supply chain performance will remain aligned with your needs
Bradley also believes that certification is proof of conformance to requirements and conformance is the definition of quality.

Requirements regarding safety and the environment, such as RoHS, Reach, UL, FCC emissions and conflict minerals reporting, must be met before products can be made or sold in a country. Companies must also comply with the Export and Import regulations which are relevant to them.

Bradley goes on to explain how it's best to seek out suppliers who have been accredited by third-party agencies and have documentation issued to them confirming compliance. He also covers the need to be informed of any changes made by suppliers, as sometimes these changes can be made after compliance but they still meet the requirements.

Here at Cyclops we pride ourselves upon our commitment and dedication to our customers, and this includes our commitment to quality standards.

We have invested significantly in testing technology, procedures and standards, including following the procedures set out by our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9120 certification which was awarded to us by SGS, who are a trusted leader in certification to standards in the aerospace industry.

To read more about our Quality Standards, please visit our website.

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