Friday, 2 November 2012

Cyclops Halloween

Here at Cyclops Electronics we take every opportunity to raise money for local charities. That being said, Halloween seemed like a great opportunity to get our head office involved in some good old fashioned dress up!
Raising money for the Afghan Heroes charity, we were challenged to create the most gruesome and petrifying costume with a prize for the three best dressed!

Here's our spooky Cyclops team... 

 Together we raised £85 to go towards Afghan Heroes which helps to support soldiers on the front line as well as their families back home.

Throughout the day each member of staff placed their vote towards who they felt was the best dressed.
The votes were counted and 3 winners emerged...

 Ben, Glen and Charlotte! Congratulations!
We'd like to thank all who took part in our Halloween dress up day and for raising £85 to go towards the Afghan Heroes charity.

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