Friday, 4 May 2012

Electronic Components Buyers Guide To UK Export Compliance

If your company imports Dual Use or Military Goods from the UK then your supplier should make you aware of UK export controls. This means they should be getting you to fill in an Export Compliance Undertaking Form.

Independent distributors are here to help customers meet their deadlines and failure to comply with export controls may result in disruptions to production schedules. Other measures may include seizure of the goods at customs, financial penalties or even a prison term.

This is not 'in future', it is happening now, you can read about recent export control convictions on the BIS website. With this in mind, are your suppliers complying with these legislations to export or trade in controlled electronic components?

To download a copy of the simple guide please click here NOW!

Dual Use Goods Categories

Any goods designed for military purposes are subject to export controls while Dual Use goods are those which, although designed originally for commercial applications, can still be used in alternative military applications even though you may not be aware of it. 
A list for controlled Dual Use goods are split into ten categories, click here NOW to take a look.

How Does Cyclops Comply?

Here at Cyclops we are committed to complying with the UK export controls, our Logistics Manager, Andy Skelton, has overall responsibility within the company for export control matters. 
Andy explains, "For our business it is essential that we comply with the legislation so we help limit the supply of technology or strategic goods to countries proscribed, principally for reasons of proliferation, security, or terrorism. I have a highly trained team that maintain and regularly review the effectiveness of our current Export Compliance Procedures and Polices and they understand that failure to comply would bring serious penalties for the company and for the individuals concerned."

To find out more about Cyclops' Export Compliance and a FREE Buyers Guide to Export Compliance click here NOW!

Ian Boughton, Compliance Officer at The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Comments...

"It is the responsibility of the UK exporter to research and establish what goods and services are subject to UK export controls (or other export controls such as EU or USA legislation) and make internal provisions for company staff to be made aware and adhere. Full information about UK export controls can be found on our website - - in which you can find our "Compliance Code of Practice" for creating internal processes and procedures.  There is an on-line "Goods Checker" tool to help you establish what goods require a licence and an "OGEL Checker" tool to help find an appropriate export licence.

For awareness and further information I advise you to attend our
training seminars and watch two handy 8 minute films on YouTube. I would also recommend the new "BExA Guide to Export Compliance" booklet which gives hints and tips about compliance. A copy can be obtained from the publisher at"

If you have any comments or questions please contact BIS ECO Helpline ++44 (0) 20 72154594

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